- CRA -

Coalition for Regenerative Agriculture

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the future of our planet and improve the lives of global citizens through the proliferation and promotion of Regenerative Agriculture practices. Our programs unify activist organizations, elected officials, and government stakeholders globally via academic research, direct connectivity, events, and activist thought leadership strategies.

We seek to: 

  • Increase public awareness of the benefits of Regenerative Agriculture.

  • Provide a technical platform for activist organizations to connect directly with their elected officials for environmental-centric accountability and support stakeholders who are synergistic to the values of those in support of the coalition.  

  • To provide thought leadership strategies, events and media support to other organizations that align with the environmental principles of the coalition’s mission.

  • Provide educational resources for the implementation of Regenerative Agriculture.  

  • Promote and support policies and legislation that includes Regenerative Agriculture.     

  • To offer academic research and advisory to the Regenerative Agriculture community and government stakeholders who wish to expand upon their knowledge of this topic.  

  • We also seek to support elected officials and government stakeholders who share synergistic values with our community.

We actively support organizations, activist networks, elected officials, and government stakeholders that share our commitment to preserving the environment and promoting environmentally friendly policies.

We envision a world where humans and their environment are not in conflict but in a holistic, symbiotic relationship.