The Coalition for Regenerative Agriculture is a unified community of 2 million + grassroots activists, and an extended network of millions more advocates, including 22,000+ pro-environment corporations and retailers, and 501c3s. It is committed to building a sustainable, environmentally-friendly agricultural base in the United States, Canada and Europe through the adoption of Regenerative Agriculture practices and principles.

CRA introduces strategies and policies to help promote the adoption and the transition to regenerative agriculture. We see Regenerative Agriculture as the future of agricultural production: it can provide stable and sustainable food supply while minimizing environmental impact, and preserving and expanding biodiversity.

The goal of the CRA is to provide a platform to promote Regenerative Agriculture as an economically and environmentally sound way to produce food. We are looking to promote the most successful methods and approaches. Additionally, to contribute broad expertise, learning tools, opportunities and guidance to both the decision-makers and the farmers seeking to adopt Regenerative Agriculture.

We seek to connect stakeholders at the local, state, and federal levels with the grassroots individuals and organizations to provide synergistic action in support of Regenerative Agriculture.


Our mission is to protect the future of our planet and improve the lives of global citizens through the proliferation and promotion of Regenerative Agriculture practices. Our programs unify activist organizations, elected officials, and government stakeholders globally via academic research, direct connectivity, events, and activist thought leadership strategies.