CRA $10,000 Grants for Activist Organizations

 Coalition for Regenerative Agriculture
Grant Program Explained:

CRA’s mission is to identify synergistic grassroot activist organizations with similar core values and principles and help accelerate their growth and expansion. By offering professional campaign strategies, CRA helps to create powerful and unique growth outcomes. Our grants help selected activist organizations run professional campaigns for free with media engagement, strategic partnering and elected official outreach opportunities. Our platform technology, including back-end AI-driven resources and legislative experts, offer a combination of profound possibilities without the typical delays of a technological learning curve, financial drain or trial and error of such large scale campaigns.

Our team of professional writers have vast experience in drafting federal proposals, activist campaign strategies, briefing reports, congressional whitepapers and talking points for all levels of government in the United States, EU and other government initiatives abroad. Our writers will apply similar strategies and tactics to your campaign.

Professionally Customized Campaign For You:

Once your grant is approved, our team of professional writers will draft your entire campaign and send it to you within 10 days for edits and revisions. They will plug your campaign into our online and offline platforms (including online fundraising platforms if your initiative meets the secondary requirements) and provide you with a link, so all you have to do is promote that link. 

Your campaign results, including all the granular data, will be sent to you once the campaign is complete. Our team will go over your campaign results with you so that you can optimize the utilization of your data to best serve your tribe while simultaneously expanding your reach and elevating your connection to the stakeholders you need to communicate with. 

Depending on your organization’s adoption of the platform, you may be offered another grant and/or an opportunity to participate in a unified campaign with other organizations.

Regions We Cover


Completely “Done for You” Campaign

Our geotargeting technology enables each activist in your tribe to connect directly with their elected officials in:

  • United States

  • European Union

  • United Kingdom

  • Canada

  • France

  • Germany

  • Australia

  • Netherlands


Each Virtual Campaign will include any or all of the following customized material authored by one of our legislative experts

  • Letters to Elected Officials

  • Petition

  • Poll

  • Press Release

  • Media Outreach Documents

  • Whitepaper and/or Articles (separate application required)

Your Overall Campaign Strategy will Include some or all of the following frontend and backend addons:

  • Targeted Press Release Distribution

  • PR and Media Outreach Strategy to:

    • Podcasts

    • Journals

    • Niche journalists and media outlets

  • Legislation Tracking and reports

    • State and Federal

  • Geotargeting of officials

    • Each of your grassroots activists will gain direct contact access to all of their elected officials using our geo targeting technology 

  • Understand Your Tribe: Premium Grade Campaign Data Analytics:

    • Geographic concentrations of tribe influence

    • Identify Your Tribe’s Influencers with complete contact information

    • Complete Contact Details for Each Campaign Participant

    • List of elected officials your campaign has communicated with, including contact data

    • Complete List of Media Outlets Contacted, with contact data for ongoing communication and outreach.

    • And more

PR and Media Outreach: For Unified Campaigns Only

Our PR team will identify and pitch media outlets and journalists who cover synergistic initiatives with your campaign. Though this is a best-efforts approach and there are no guarantees of coverage, our team will introduce your organization to podcast shows, high traffic blogs, local, national and international press, niche influencers, TV, and radio show producers. We will promote your initiative for 15-30 days, depending on the size of your tribe and the critical nature of the campaign effort.

Thought Leadership Strategy: For Coalition Members Only

Elected officials often ask us to assist in creating congressional roundtables, think tanks, institutes, and coalitions. CRA can assist in initiative architecture structuring and curriculum creation such as whitepapers, articles, and talking points if the opportunity arises. We may also structure expert panels, keynote speaking engagements, congressional briefings, and hearing participation on Capitol Hill. On a case-to-case basis, we can also facilitate virtual summits, press conferences at the National Press Club in Washington DC, and other media hubs.

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Second Step, After You've Qualified, Build Your Campaign!

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